Monday, June 20, 2011

Adrenaline Rush Bot Config | Merchant / Blacksmith Bot Config

Adrenaline Rush Bot Config

Attack speed is one of the most important part of a damage per second character like swordsman and thief job class. Merchant jobs also need attack speed to kill monsters faster to level up quicker or get the needed loots. So I bet you are looking to speed up your Blacksmith's attack animation right? Well, here is the Adrenaline Rush Bot Config. Just paste this bot config block on your Use self skill area and see your blacksmith or whitesmith kill porings faster this time.

useSelf_skill Adrenaline Rush {
   lvl 5
   sp > 15%
   timeout 150
   whenStatusInactive Adrenaline Rush
   inLockOnly 1
   notWhileSitting 1
   notInTown 1

Comment back here if you have more questions or any problems regarding this Adrenaline Rush Bot Config.